The Movie Oracle: June 2009

The gods are coming back?

Dionysos, god of wine: Yes, we are! Long ago the gods grew weary of man's problems and "outsourced" our duties to upstart religions. But retirement got boring and now we're turning once again to the mortal realm, and finding it a very different world. Where to begin getting in touch with this new culture? With movies, of course!

Athena, goddess of wisdom: And other things. I look out for social issues, Dio for aesthetics. Apollo goes for the intellectual, Ares for action, Hera for family values, and so on. Each god gives their unique view on today's cinema and society.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hacking Democracy (2006)

Ares, god of war: Why is everybody having a hissy fit about the Iran election fraud? Isn't it to be expected from terrorist Muslims? Who needs a flick about voting?--I vote with my spear. Thumbs down.

Athena, goddess of wisdom: Yikes! And with that introduction, my war-happy friend, allow me to comment. First of all, to be fair, Iranian fraud is only suspected at this point. Second, not all Muslims are terrorists. And finally, are you forgetting what happened not so long ago in the elections of the supposed champion of democracy, the United States of America? Questions are still unanswered. One strand of that tangled web is unraveled in this documentary. Thumbs up

Hephaestus, craftsman of the gods: I admit I'm handier with a hammer than a keyboard, but machines are my deal. Can the voting machines used in U.S. presidential elections be hacked? Or is fraud just a third world problem? This team's work concerns me. Thumbs up.

Two thumbs up, one thumb down

In this documentary, Bev and her team of activists investigate the super-secret software used by American electronic voting machines to discover whether it can be hacked. The results are telling.
Director: Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels
Bev Harris, Kathleen Wynne, Andy Stephenson, Harri Hursti, Herbert Hugh Thompson, Ion Sancho
Rotten Tomatoes rating: N/A

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